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Student 1:1

As our 8th-grade students make the transition to high school, they will be given a new Chromebook to begin their time in high school. This means that we will need to collect ALL 8th-grade Chromebooks at the end of this year.

During the collection period, 8th-grade students will be expected to return the Chromebook along with the power cord and block. Any damages to the device or missing components will be invoiced for payment to the family. If families purchased the optional tech insurance at the start of the 23-24 school year and did not use the insurance, the insurance may be applied to damaged equipment; however, missing equipment will incur the full charge of replacement ($300).


What if the student is attending summer school and requires a school-issued device?

Those students attending summer school may hold onto their devices through summer school. Those students will receive their new Chromebooks during the high school distribution days.

Will the 8th-grade students receive a new device once they get to high school?

Yes. The 24-25 school year is the first year for high school students to receive Chromebooks in place of their Macbooks. The high school Chromebooks will be distributed in August, incoming 9th-grade students will receive their new device at that time.

What will happen to the grade 8 devices we collect?

These devices will be converted into our inventory of spare devices and parts for repair.

For more information about the Chromebooks and technology at PGSD, please visit our web page.